About Us


Las Vegas Hotel Cleaning is a reputable company that specialize in providing hotel cleaning services. We take pride in the fact that we are the best cleaning company in the entire Las Vegas City. If you do not believe me, just check what we have been reviewed by other clients.

The company started as a small enterprise that only had five employees. Over the years, we have managed to grow tremendously. We currently have fifty full time employees and a number of support staff whom we hire regularly. The reason why the support staff is yet to be employed permanently is because our projects fluctuate and so there is no point of having cleaners who will just be staying in the office.

The services that we offer are very affordable despite the fact that they are unmatched. We are very very focused on making sure that each hotel that we clean does not regret why they called us. One of the secrets that we use to offer quality cleaning services consistently is by understanding their needs.

Finally, we have working protocols that enable us to complete cleaning tasks that are assigned to us on time. The tricky part is mainly balancing work issues and actually cleaning the floors.

Thank you very much again for taking time to come to us and we look forward to helping you keep your hotel clean. We are also happy to offer consultancy services to clients on how to enhance safety during cleaning procedures.